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Proposal & Engagement photography        

Dingle Peninsula / Killarney / Kenmare / West Cork

Proposal photography Ireland

Preparing the Magic


The proposal itself can last just a few minutes, but the planning and preparation occur weeks in


Being discreet, we will determine the day, time, and location. I will be unnoticed while still

capturing the magic unfold. My goal is to get the three main parts of the proposal: before, during,

and after!

As a photographer, I always try to capture genuine emotions. When I shoot a proposal, I can freeze that moment in time. This is a priceless treasure a couple can cherish for the rest of their lives.

Hello there, I’m Przemek and it is my pleasure to capture some of the most enchanting moments

you will experience in life. In the last few years, my specialty has been photographing those in

love and being witness to beautiful moments. There is something so exciting, exquisite, and

touching with storytelling through images of a proposal. Your proposal will give you jitters and

butterflies, all of which is entirely normal and to be expected. I want to ensure a comfortable

atmosphere, and together, we can make sure everything goes according to plan!

Proposal photographer Kerry Ireland
Proposal photography Kerry Ireland

Engagement photoshoot

Engagement sessions are about love and romance and the chemistry between the engaged

couple eagerly awaiting their wedding. It’s only natural that with love comes PDA. That’s right,

folks: public displays of affection.

Don’t worry, I don’t mean I’m going to have you completely grope each other during your session

– those aren’t pictures grandma wants to hang on her fridge. During your session, I will ask you to

hold hands, hug, cuddle, and even kiss! This is part of my normal workflow for engagement

sessions. I just wanted to give you a heads up before your session so you know what to expect

and have time to practice if you’re currently not OK with PDA.

6 ideas for preparing the perfect engagement session


If you want your pictures to really showcase your love story, we have some ideas to help you plan

the perfect engagement session. Let us help you prepare for your session by sending us over the answers to the following questions:


• Where did you first meet?

If you want to add some sentimental value to your session, tell me about how you first

met. If it was at a local place, we can stop by during your session and recreate the scene.


• What do you like to do together?

What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing together? This will help us to create

memorable photos for you. Do you love riding your bikes together or racing model

airplanes? Do you go to the park and push each other on the swings or playing laser tag

together? Tell us your hobbies and we will try to incorporate them.


• Where/how did he propose?

We would love to recreate this moment for you during your session. This is the moment

you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. This is important, especially if we

were not able to capture this moment as it was actually happening. We want you to be

able to share your proposal story with photos to go along with it!


• What are your common interests?

By informing us of your interests, we can add a more personal touch to your photos. Are

you both fans of the same sports team? Are you really into comic books or video games?

Do you work in the same profession?


• Do you have any pets together?

If so, they make a perfect addition to your session. We welcome your pets in your e



• Do you have ‘a spot’?

You know that place where you always wind up going on date night? Where was your

first kiss? What is your favorite hang out spot? Tell us your favorite go-to locations and

we can check them out to see if they would be good spots for a photo shoot

How to coordinate outfits to get the best look in your photos.


Not sure what to wear to your engagement session? We’re here to help! You should bring two to three outfits to your session so we can get a variety of different looks for you. We suggest the following:


• Bring a ‘Dressy’ Outfit

It’s not every day you get to get all dressed up with your sweetheart and take photos

together. Use this session as an excuse to really go all out and get fancied up! I’m not

saying you have to wear a gown and tux (unless you want to), but maybe a dress or skirt

for you, and a suit or nice slacks and a button up shirt for your fiancé. This outfit will be great for save the date cards, or the announcement in your local newspaper.


• Go Casual

We also suggest you bring a more casual outfit. This outfit is ideal for your more fun,

relaxed photos. Tailored jeans and a nice shirt are always a great choice, especially if we

are going to be walking around in nature a lot. Make sure to bring shoes specifically for

this outfit, too.


• Coordination is Key

The most important thing to remember is to coordinate. You don’t want to be matchy

matchy, but you want to coordinate. Choose similar colors and styles that photograph

well together. For example, you don’t want to wear jeans if your fiancé is wearing a suit

and tie in the same photo. Also remember to dress for the location. For example, if you

are doing a natural, rustic or vintage session, you’ll want to stay away from bright colors

and opt for neutrals instead.


• Things to Avoid

- Logos, unless we’re doing a sports session and you’re wearing jerseys, etc.

- Patterns – Try to stick with solid colors or minimal patterns. Plaid shirts are fine as long as your fiancé isn’t wearing stripes or polka dots. It’s a good rule of thumb to only have  one partner wearing a pattern at a time.

- Fluorescent colors – These don’t photograph well and also can cast bright color tones

on your skin.



If you have any further questions please contact us!

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Engagement photographer Kerry Ireland
Engagement photographer Ireland
Engagement photographer Kerry
Engagement photography Kerry Ireland
Engagement photographer Kerry Ireland
Couple Photographer Kerry
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